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Lust - A'jon

Feeling like a mistress, I ain't dissn'
Just wishin' I can feel somethn' different
I'm Drakin' on these hoes
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She Became Me - A'jon

How does it feel to be a man now
I bet you don't even know how it feels still
I bet you don't know how to feel
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Come Back - A'jon

Come back, come back, come back, come back
Come back, come back
Come back, come back
Come back, come back
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Sober 1 - A'jon

I think of you every time
Escaping the thoughts of times
I used you, it was neutral, I thought it was
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You Wasn't - A'jon

I did not see, I'm not in tune
I'm in my world lost in my groove
How could I not feel your wave
Of words
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12 Play - A'javu

To go all the way, all the way
12 Play you in my bed, no foreplay no playing games
I don't really wanna play no
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Come Over - A'janeigh

I just touched down
Quarter after two (Flight 1-0-2)
I know it's late (Real late)
But I'm calling you
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Night Rides (Freestyle) - A'izeen

Sunroof open
Windows down
A million things going down
But still I,
Get lost in your smile
Hands on
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Freestyle is my destiny - A'Gun

One Two Three
Music Make Me Free
Cheсk the microphone
Feel the energy
One Two Three
Is it set Me
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One Mistake - A'dude Called Reneilwe

One mistake
Aii Sdudla
One mistake, rago kuba mfana
Next time wa sala
1 bad potato is a one boss
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Lune - A'DRY

Arrivé à destination
J'ai des hallucinations
Tout se bouscule et j'étais pas prêt
Elle a pris son verre vodka
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goseumdoci dilrema - A'dress

넌 알고 있니 지금 우리 사이
난 앞이 흐려 보이지가 않아
on and on 이미 많은 시간 지났지만
너는 어디고 나는
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New Song - A'dress

바람이 부는대로
파도가 치는대로
햇빛이 비춰오는
고요한 수평선에
don't cry
don't cover your
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꿈을 꾼다, 너의 - A'dress

하늘에 걸쳐놓은 석양과 눈을 맞추고
네 이름을 부르고
파도를 머금고 온
바다와 입을 맞추고
네 이름을
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No Chorus Freestyle - A'dore Infinity

I don't need designer
To look fresher than his Rollie
Finished contemplating this rap shit It's time to get the
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Big Bitch Business - A'dore Infinity

Move out the way
I'm here to stay
On that thick shit, I'm here to slay
Nails done, hair laid, don't even
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Rebirth - A'dore Infinity

Sit back relax I got a lot of shit to say
Besides the fact that it's a real bitch birthday
You thought I forgot
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Queen Me Now - A'dore Infinity

Look where I am now
Making it through
Sometimes I don't even know how
Ain't gotta clap for me
I make my
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Flourish - A'dore Infinity

I was around six when I noticed I had a passion for music
Because around five my own blood Would abuse
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Go Off! - A'dore Infinity

I'm back!
Like my back turned
It's time that you bitches learn
No I'm not the devil, but what imma say will
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New - A'dore Infinity

Give me like two or three minutes of your time
Cause I'm a real thick bitch and I like to rhyme
Curvy waist
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I Get It - A'dore Infinity

I want a house without a lease
I wanna ride down yo street with
Them beats
As long as my family eat'n
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Intro - A'dore Infinity

Can you hear me
Yes, who are you
Who me
Don't you recognize me
I mean, you look like
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Outro - A'dore Infinity

Umm, Hello?!
Bitch I said I feel new!
Oh! Ok
That's rude as f*ck, see!
I'm leave'n, I'm goin the f*ck back
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Naomi - A'donzo

My girl choosy she don't even know what to eat
She's a vegan unless she's in my back seat
If her friends call
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Misery - A'donzo

Misery likes to call me
When she's lonely
And she needy
I'm all alone
But I'm not lonely
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The Light - A'Dello

A-L-A-N feel alone
It's midnight, I'm out on my own
My face buried deep in my phone
3G connection not so
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Moonlight - A'Dello

Still on road
Still trying to find myself
Still trying find something that can grow my soul
I don't want to
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Mamma Mia - A'ba-Cus

I been cheated by you since you know when
So I made up my mind, it must come to an end
Look at me now, will I
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Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie - A'ba-Cus

Half past twelve
And I'm watching the late show in my flat all alone
How I hate to spend the evening on my
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